Bransford Road, Rushwick

The site is located within the civil parish of Rushwick in the Malvern Hills District in the county of Worcestershire. The site is situated to the north of Bransford Road and to the west of Rushwick village centre.

The site consists of approximately 8.0 Acres / 3.24 Hectares of open land with a significant frontage to Bransford Road. The sites topography rises from south to north, rising gently at the sites mid-point.

The proposed site access is positioned at the sites midpoint along the Bransford Road to create a balanced and attractive site frontage. Dwellings have been stepped back to respect the proximity of New House and Balmedie and to facilitate the instillation of drainage swales. Larger dwellings have ben positioned on the front of the site to ensure the bulk and scale of the built form is appropriate to the opposite dwellings.

The built form of the layout is internal and externally facing; this was to provide a strong external visual and for the dwellings to make best use of the rural scenery. The built form is regulated by the site topography which starts to gently rise in the north eastern corner. This area was left undeveloped to respect the landscaped views of the Malvern Hills.

A resolution to grant was achieved at Planning Committee 01.07.15

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